Industrial sewing machines

Our division of industrial sewing machines offers all kinds of fixed and portable bag stitchers for the manufacture or closing of jute, paper or polypropylene bags of light or heavy fabric, telescopic columns and manual or electric adjustment heads and their corresponding spare parts.

Likewise, we have all kinds of machinery for the clothing industry and the textile sector, as well as CAD / CAM equipment (design and pattern making), foam cutting, plate systems, drying telescopes, accessories / consumables, always from the leading brands. in each sector.

Other Slingbasur products

Polypropylene BigBag

Previous Next Our Big-Bag, Jumbo or FI BC ('Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container') is manufactured 100% with polypropylene fabric of different densities, both in

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Steel cable slings

CMU in Kgf. Maximum working load according to ISO 7531 (Safety factor SF 5: 1) CMU in Kgf. Maximum working load according to ISO 7531 (Safety factor

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Chain slings

CMU in Kgf. Maximum working load according to ISO 7531 (Safety factor SF 4: 1) General Considerations Do not lift with twisted chains / cables Shorten the

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Polypropylene Slings

Assembled polypropylene slingRef: ELS01 The polypropylene sling was born as an alternative packaging, both in cost and ecologically speaking, to the classic wooden pallet. Is

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Polyester flat slings

Safety coefficient 7: 1 European Standard UNE EN 1492-1 ISO 9002 Approved and certified. Great adaptability to shapes and contours of the loads to be lifted. Made of polyester

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Industrial yarns

Within our line of complementary products, we can offer you all kinds of industrial sewing threads in polypropylene, polyester and cotton. Specifically, and for

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Polypropylene jumbo

Inner polyethylene liner for containers To protect the goods from moisture or for powdered, semi-powdered or granulated products Delivery of the goods

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Polypropylene bags

Our polypropylene bags provide maximum efficiency in packaging with excellent print and design quality. They have great resistance and treatment

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